Monday, 30 September 2013

September-October Flavor of the Month, Melbourne and a Short Break

Happy Spring, lovelies!

September-October Loves

Bright Heels

Let's be honest: being wrapped up in monochrome knits head to toe can be a bit… daggy, after a while. Eventually, we've got to reveal our daisy-white legs to the world underneath a skirt (gasp!). And what better things to dress your lower 3 inches in for their spring debut than a pair of bright, eye-catching pumps…


Moon Cake

In other news, the Chinese Moon cake Festival happens around this time, and while I am not Chinese in any way, any celebration where a certain food is at its core is right up my alley. Whilst in Melbourne recently (more on this later), my Mum and I took a trip to Chinatown, where I made it my mission to find one of these unusual baked goods. Some of my friends are Chinese and stirred my curiosity when I asked them about moon cake prior to my Melbourne visit. They told me that moon cake is hard to describe and as I bit into my lotus-paste-with-2-yolk version, I could see what they meant. The outer layer is thin and virtually tasteless, quite short yet soft, almost like a pastry crust. When you open the packet a scent of pure sweetness emerges, conjuring up images of sugar syrup, yet… also with a hint of 'earthliness'- I can't really describe it any other way. The first bite reveals a quite dense center, almost the consistency of firm play dough, and there are clear marks where your teeth made indentations in the cake.

You could say, overall, that this foodstuff is 'sweet', but not necessarily in the way that, perhaps a cake slice you buy in Acland Rd, St Kilda's is: layers of sponge drenched in liqueur, sandwiched between generous amounts of frosting it is not. Instead, the lotus seed flavor comes through first and foremost - which in itself is difficult to imagine, let alone having tasted it before. The most I can say about it is that it tastes 'earthy'- perhaps it is in part due to the pale forest green color of the inner. As you continue to take in the curious flavors and mouthfeel, eventually you will expose the yolk, sitting in a secret burrow, patiently expecting your arrival. It has a salty exterior which is in stark contrast to the (now noticeable) sweetness of the cake, and is very hard, almost crumbly, like a very hard boiled egg. This is what it's all about. The yolk, traditionally that of a duck's egg, is a symbol of the full moon.


On the drive home from school the other day, a hand-painted sign which Mum and I saw on the side of the road which read 'strawberries 3km' ignited an excitement and almost unbearable anticipation in me for a long-ago taste of these delicious jewels. "Can we go, please?!" I gasped. And off we went in the search of strawberries, with me sitting alert on the edge of the seat. 
Upon taking my first bite, I couldn't help but smile. It has been so long, and to me, summer doesn't really begin until you eat your first strawberry. But now, it seems summer is well and truly here.

From Tartelette blog


About a month ago Mum and I went on a short trip to Melbourne (mostly) in the name of finding out about a potential University to study architecture at in two years' time. The thing that struck me most about Melbourne was the eclectic mix of new and old. It's everywhere - heritage buildings neighbor glass-fonted apartment blocks, trams a fitted with state-of-the-art ticketing services or encase you in a 1950's relic of leather-apholstered seats and windows with wooden frames.

The Architecture


St Kilda's


Victoria Park Markets

A short 'so long'…

It's that time of year again: exams. The final, stressful push before months of sunny, lazy freedom. And because I really do want to go to that Melbourne university I visited last month, I really must keep my head down, tail up till early November (the 27th, to be exact!) you shall not be seeing me around these parts for a while. So long, friends, I'll be back with loads more stories to tell before you know it!

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