Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...

Today was a good day, and just about as chilled out as birthdays come. I woke this morning to the warm, comforting smell of freshly-made coconut pancakes, which were promptly drizzled with passionfruit syrup and topped with slices of banana, only to be demolished enthusiastically.

Presents followed, and from Mum and Dad I received a pair of ski boots (!!!), which makes me even more unbelievably excited to go skiing this coming July. I also got an iPod arm band to go running with from Pippi, our chocolate labrador. I also got The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour LP (!!!) new from my sister, but that was later this evening.

Then, I made lunch! Mum and Dad were a little perplexed by this. "But it's your birthday," they said, "shouldn't we be making lunch?" but I wanted to. I haven't baked, let alone baked bread, in a long time, and this is something I wanted to do for me, on my birthday. Plus I ADORE new-made bread.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Cheat's ricotta, spinach and mint gnocchi

Hello, everybody

Happy Thursday! Given that I don't have to go to school because it's Good Friday tomorrow (and my 16th birthday! Yay!), it feels like a Friday, and what better way to celebrate this Friday-feeling than a big bowl of rich, comforting, indulgent pasta - gnocchi, no less?