Friday, 14 February 2014

White Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

I'm going to tell you about these cookies.

I don't really need to, to be honest. But yeah, you want to know - how truly soft and delicious they are, with the most satisfying and dreamy flavor combination possible.

The trick with these little pockets of joy is to eat them warm, straight from the oven… actually, that goes for all cookies. Go on, just try one. You need to check that it's cooked, right? You can't go serving undercooked cookies now, can you? Mmm, that's good…  Ooh and what about this one? Is it ok? And this one? Is the next batch just as good?…

Yeah. You get the picture.

I had seven.

That's how good they were.

-ARE. I am sooo making these again.